I worried so much about Omiyage when we first moved to Tokyo. I'd done a lot of research and Trader Joe bags were mentioned a number of times as good Omiyagi to bring from the states. As were small food items that are specific to your region - but not too sweet, not too expensive, and not chocolate because it wouldn't keep, but also not the keychains or coffee mugs that you find at so many US airports. So stressful. Ultimately I ended up bringing individual bottles of TJ chile lime seasoning salts...which I think, but will never truly know, was a fair choice.

This time, returning to the US, we brought a suitcase of Japanese snacks and sweets including Tokyo Banana and Kit-kats but also Tokyo Milk Cheese Cookies (https://tokyomilkcheese.jp/en/) and wagashi from HIGASHIYA (https://www.higashiya.com/en/). I can't wait to try shiomi manju when we go back. Also FWIW I ❤️ Keanu 😁

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